with Dave in Den Haag.  [All images edited with Lightroom only, the double-exposure is done with a mirror.]
After months of isolation Dave was the first person in front of my camera. We had great conversations that day, and I ask you to not only look at the images of him but also read his words:

"I've been in a dark place lately. Soul-searching, as i take the stairs down it seems to get darker and darker.
Not knowing where this path leads to, secretly hoping it leads to my core, me, the person i was born to be, stripped of all conditioning and outside influences. No traumas here, no reactivity, no anxiety.
Perhaps that's just an "ideal me" i am looking for, perhaps such a thing does not exist, perhaps it's just a holy enlightenment thing i am looking to attain, nonetheless the reason why; it gives me a sense of purpose. It gives me a sense of "i am finding myself" slowly.
Spending time in the dark, is no fun, but it does make the sunny days shine brighter."