For Ben von Wongs "Impactory 2019" project I chose to create a piece for the topic "gender equality".
As I think it is most important to see gender as a spectrum I wanted to show a statue that clearly is human but does not clearly fit into one of our still standardised gender boxes.
Imagine a world in which we are not judged by the fact with which chromosome combination we are born with or where our body has curves or hair or where not, & which color of the rainbow our skin is.
We could finally give leading job positions to anyone who qualifies the written requirements. We can pay people the same amount of money for the same work. We can ensure everyone access to education. We can stop thinking we have a right to abuse, patronise, rule over anyone just because someone in history claimed that right by bare bigger physical power.
I don’t even have the space to really talk about how certain gender suffer more from human trafficking, child marriage, less legal rights, genital mutilation, less economic independence, & being unrepresented in important fields such a politics, media, research, CEO positions,...
We were all brought up in a certain way but that doesn’t mean we have to continue living and reinforcing this limiting, categorising way of life that makes so many people suffer. I keep dreaming for a little longer of a world where people support and respect each other - no matter which gender or if gender at all.

Models: Robbin and myself