A portrait project at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023
“In Front of The Screen” shows a glimpse into the humans who are IFFR. Visitors, filmmakers, volunteers, organisers, press, and the media-team. I asked them about their experience in front of the screen; making the festival possible, watching movies, deciding on movie choices, reflecting on movies, writing about movies, and seeing their own movies having a world premier... 
In the span of three days I talked to a media-student from China joining IFFR as a volunteer, a filmmaker from the US with Ukrainian roots, an assistant director from the Dominican Republic, a writer from Turkey studying in Paris, a Russian humanitarian refugee who is a film critic living in Germany, a queer creative from Egypt living in Rotterdam, a musician and filmmaker from the Philippines and many more. 
I talked to people with an amazing range of ages, gender identities, bodies, sexual orientations, beliefs, abilities… All of them have different reasons for why they are joining IFFR and what defines their love for movies, but it is that love that brings them together.